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Pink, White, Yellow and Blue Sock Monkey Kit

Pink, White, Yellow and Blue Sock Monkey Kit

The kit has all that you need to make a classic sock monkey including:

A pair of knee-high socks (in the colour pictured)
A needle
Buttons for eyes

The only thing you need to supply is a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut through fabric.

The instructions are easy to follow (suggested for ages 10+) . All you need to know how to do is a simple whip stitch or back stitch – anything that will hold a seam closed.

Your sock monkey will take you about 2 hours to create. The second photo is an example of what will come in your Miss Millie Do it Yourself, Sock Monkey Kit.
  • Details

    These stunning Sock Monkey Kits are made in Wellington, New Zealand by the talented Miss Millie.
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